This Lifestyle Guru Explains Why It's Important to Put Yourself First

A family tragedy taught this best-selling author and entrepreneur to take care of herself.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Bryan Elliott meets with entrepreneur, best-selling author and wife of Dr. Phil, Robin McGraw, to discuss making the most out of life. 

McGraw explains how important it is to utilize the skills that you have, to know your passions and to never give them up. If a goal comes from your heart, it will happen, she believes. 

When McGraw's mother passed away 31 years ago, she had a revelation that changed her outlook on life. She realized that her mother had passed away because she had not cared enough for herself and instead put others before her. McGraw learned that as much as she aspired to be like her mother, she couldn't neglect herself. She reiterates how important it is to take care of yourself on the inside and out -- before you take care of others. 

To learn more, click play. 

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