Why You Should Move Forward With the Next Opportunity

This CEO explains why you should act on opportunities that come your way and never dwell on past mistakes.

Alex Brown, CEO of Chicago-based technology consultancy 10th Magnitude, has learned throughout his career and personal life that opportunities are fleeting.

He now urges others to never hesitate when an opportunity arises. If you're worried about seizing it, consider the long view. While it might disrupt your life today or this year, the future payoff could be huge.

Brown's carpe diem mentality requires him to think positive, focus on the future and learn from -- not dwell on -- past mistakes. Don't try to predict everything, he says. Just move forward, prepare for blunders and be open minded to change.

Click play to find out why Brown is convinced that no matter what you're facing now as an entrepreneur, things will work themselves out.

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