The 2-Step Process to Boosting Your Brand in 2017

Want to build an audience? Here's how.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner 7Twelve Marketing explains how to build your online presence through two simple steps. 

The first step is understanding social media platforms. Just because you have a Facebook or Twitter page doesn't mean you're going to automatically start gaining fans or followers. Are you actively uploading content to these sites? Are you engaging with your audience? Do you know successful branding techniques or learn from what other influencers are doing well?

Then, once you've gained a grasp of the platforms you prefer and which will best reach your audience, you need to have a bold presence. For example, Facebook and Instagram are currently pushing live videos. This is a riskier approach to video than uploading a pre-recorded segment or interview, because you can't control what becomes available to the public. You don't have a chance to cut things or try a take more than once.

However, it's also what these platforms are pushing, so it's worth the risk.

Click play to learn more.

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