Are You Making This Simple Mistake That Can Prevent Your Business From Ever Growing?

What is your main focus during work hours?

Are you working a self-employed job or building a business? It's a simple question, but many people don't really consider the implications of asking. 

If you're working a self-employed job, your focus is on making transactions -- creating sales, adding clients and so on. But, if you're actually trying to build a business, you need to focus your time on something more. 

How does the business operate without you? What operational and marketplace systems have you put in place to keep it running on your day off? What do your finances look like, and can you hire another person or a team?

If you aren't answering these questions, then there's a good chance that you'll never be able to step back from the daily activities and actually run an organization. And, unless you're very successful, you could probably earn more just by working a 9 to 5 job at your established competitor, doing the exact same work you're doing now.

Watch the video to learn about how to build your business.

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