'Entrepreneurs are the Same Worldwide, All Hustle, Learn & Take Risks'

Ramon Ray is among the 1500 global participants who will attend the GES 2017

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Former Associate Editor, Entrepreneur India
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Ramon Ray, an entrepreneur, global speaker and best-selling author, believes all entrepreneurs are the same, only the opportunities they have vary, from geography to geography.

“What I found is that in country to country and region to region the support for entrepreneur by local or national government is different. Some localities have a thriving government business support ecosystem; some do not. The other difference from region to region is the network of entrepreneurs who are helping each other, Ray says.

Ray is among the 1500 global participants who will attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 hosted by the Republic of India. The event will be attended by the Advisor to the President of the United States, Ivanka Trump.  

Ramon started four companies, sold a company and enjoys the hustle of entrepreneurship. What excites Ramon is the journey - the blood sweat and tears of starting a company, the challenge of marketing and getting that first paying customer says he.

 “We all must hustle, we all must learn on the go, we all must have an element of risk in our ventures,” Ray believes.

His top 5 tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs includes the following.

 1. JUST LAUNCH - if you are not willing to launch and take some risk – you won't know what the market says. Be smart, but don't wait for perfect. It will never come.

 2. GET HELP - the smartest people in the world, get help from others, they surround themselves with mentors and experts who can help them on their journey.

 3. NETWORK - the power of networking is so under estimated - by getting out of your office and meeting other people you can learn, expand your network, find new clients, help others and refresh your mind.

 4. BE FINANCIALLY LITERATE - business owners who do not understand sales, margins, profit, and other fundamentals aspects of business finance hurt themselves and their business.

 5. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS - get very close to your customers and understand their needs and wishes - by paying close attention to your customers you will earn repeat customers and customers who refer business to you.


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