Medical Cannabis is the Future of Medicine & Israel is Racing Ahead

BOL Pharma ranks among the world's largest medical cannabis GMP production, research and development facilities and clinical trials hubs.

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Breath of Life International Pharma is one of the only companies in Israel accredited throughout all value chains, according to the new regulations that allow selling in pharmacies and for export.

BOL Pharma boasts of being one of the world’s biggest cultivation/production facility of medical cannabis in the world, working across the industry’s value chain, from growth to finished product, adhering to strict regulatory standards, including Global GAP, GMP, FDA, and EMA. 

While speaking to Entrepreneur India on how BOL Pharma sees competitive advantage that Israeli cannabis manufacturing facilities have over companies in the US, Canada and Western Europe and how Israel is bolstering efforts towards developing medical applications from the cannabis flower, CEO Dr Tamir Gedo said the fact is according to the regulation, you can couple all your products with medical trials and that makes the whole difference in the world because right now we have products which went through aggressive clinical trials, showed side effects results, showed the safety results and when you want to sell the products globally without those findings your product does not sell much.

Dr Gedo one of Israel’s pioneers driving the worldwide medical cannabis industry is a veteran of the pharma and nutraceutical industries and has extensive experience sourcing, producing and marketing specialty products.

In a personal chat, Gedo said Israel is unique when it comes to regulators aiding the growth of medical cannabis. The ecosystem in Israel allows us to take each of the product to the clinical trials and then globally.” He said clinical testing of the product is a must because then only you will be able to come to know about the shortcomings of the product.

In Israel, it is the regulators pushing the industry whereas it’s always the opposite everywhere.

“We are selling products that are coupled with clinical trials and the plant is the source and for its success, we need regulator support,” Gedo said. “If I need to rate the regulator and the Ministry of Health, I will rate them triple A compared to any other regulator which is treating the Cannabis as a hot potato and this is the nature of success in Israel.

BOL Pharma ranks among the world’s largest medical cannabis GMP production, research and development facilities and clinical trials hubs. It is a pioneer in the botanical cannabinoid therapeutics market since 2008. Vertically integrated cannabinoid therapeutics operations cover the entire spectrum from cultivation to finished products in strict compliance with global GAP and GMP regulatory standards, with 2 main arms - Production & Pharmaceutical development.

Will this therapy medication work for India and become legal in a country that seeing cannabis as an illegal product to consume? Will India be the last one to hop on the opportunity? Only time will tell.

Entrepreneur India’s staff met Tamir Gedo and other members of BOL Pharma as a part of their visit to Israel for the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit.

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