Want to Know How the Walls of Your New House Would Look? This Startup Can Tell You

From real estate to e-commerce, extended reality holds the power to change user experience for better & this Indian startup is making that happen with immersive solutions

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Despite the slow start, augmented reality (AR) is gauging the interest of various sectors. Besides gaming and entertainment sector, the technology is paving way for reaching out to various other sectors including education, healthcare, transport, manufacturing, retail, security, among others. According to a research report by Global Market Insights Inc, the AR market is set to cross $50 billion by 2024.

The acceptance of AR has the power to evolve the landscape of customer experience. Startups all across the globe are introducing AR solutions to consumers for enhancing their shopping experience. Global companies like Sephora, Amikasa, Quiver and IKEA have already developed tools that allow the purchaser to visualize and purchase the right products as per their requirements.

Thriving among the giants is an Indian startup that is developing AR experiences for the likes of England-based Siyona Tech and Blink Image Ltd, US-based 360 Alley and AdHub Marketing, Denmark’s VMA Nordic, Norway’s Ludenso, Malaysia-based Boulevard Mall, among others. EverythingXR was incepted in 2017 by a team of augmented reality app developers and 3D artists.

How does it Work?

They use AR frameworks by Apple and Google for developing augmented reality applications for iOS and Android for creating immersive experiences for various industries. “A user can spawn a realistic 3D car model right in front of him and he can see how it looks both from the inside that is the interior of the car, as well as the outside,” Parth Anand, Founder and CEO of EverythingXR explained one of his models.

The startup has also developed an application for tourism where a virtual door appears right in front of the user, which leads to a holiday destination, such as the UK , Rome, Vienna or any other state or city, which the user wants to go to. This helps the user to get a feel of that particular place so that he can make up his mind whether he wants to go there or not.

“Another interesting AR app that we developed was for real estate. In this application, the buyer can spawn a 3D model of the house that he wants to buy right on his table, so that he can explore with the various color options  for his walls, as well as he can change the flooring to see which one looks the best. Also, he can experiment with various furniture positions and how that would look in his new house.”

Apart from creating augmented reality apps for various industries, EverythingXR also teach programmers and artists the art of creating augmented reality applications via free and paid courses. Currently at a nascent stage, the startup has the capability to create disruptive solutions for industrial giants.

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