Dream Vacations

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The Underrated Advantages to Owning a Franchise Dream Vacations' Rosemarie Reed discusses why buying into an established franchise system comes with some serious benefits.

As anyone who has at least looked into the prospect of starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur comes with a laundry list of hurdles, expenses, and significant risks. While buying into a franchise system doesn't always ensure success, there are several underrated advantages to becoming a business owner under the umbrella of an established franchise.

Think of franchising like having a "business in a box," says Rosemarie Reed, vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships at Dream Vacations Franchise. "You don't necessarily need to have the business experience of owning everything and being a finance manager or the marketing director. We do all of that for you."

Founded in 1991 and franchising since 1992, Dream Vacations turns franchise owners into travel experts who help guide customers to alluring destinations all over the world, as well shore excursions, hotels and tours for individuals, couples, families, businesses and groups. With the company's training program, all you need is a passion for travel and an interest in a fun business opportunity.

The advantages to becoming a Dream Vacations franchisee pays off, Reed says in the video above. Of the people who have purchased a Dream Vacations franchise, 90 percent of them are still with the company and doing what they love, she says.

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