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Why the Draft Education Policy is Unlikely to be Implemented

The draft of the National Education Policy was recently submitted to the Honorable Minister of HRD for review which after the discussions will be finally converted into a National policy

Gerald Jaideep

· 4 min read

How The "Swiss Dual System" is Changing Education in India

The company is programming new skills to improve education standards in India

Entrepreneur India Staff

· 2 min read

Why Indian Institutions Need Education Consulting Firms Now

Indian institutions are fast catching up with foreign institutions and global best practices but there are a few challenges that still need to be addressed

Kalpesh Banker

· 3 min read

How CSR Activities are Changing the Face of Indian Education

Several private organizations are joining hands with the Government to make that ultimate dream of offering quality education in India come true.

Komal Nathani

· 5 min read

Why 'Experiential Learning' is the Way Forward for Indian Students?

Studies have shown that experiential learning is 15 times more effective than learning through books and lectures.

Vaibhav Lodha

· 5 min read

Re-Structuring School Education With Education 3.0 Model

The only ideology being followed by schools and teachers in the current scenario in India is passing exams with good marks.

Komal Nathani

· 4 min read

Want To Set Foot Into Indian Education? This Expert Suggests #4 Steps

Don't think there is any other country globally that has the kind of demand in education that India has.

Aashika Jain

· 3 min read