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3 Ways to Win Consumer Confidence with Market Research

At the core of market research is a simple question: Do the people you talk to trust you?

Andrew Reid

· 5 min read

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is the leading form of marketing today. If you're not making videos, you're being left in the dust.

James Jorner

· 6 min read

How to Maximize Your Email Results This Holiday Season

Find the best timing and approach for your email campaigns this holiday season.

Liviu Tanase

· 6 min read

Andrew Walker

· 3 min read

5 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile

Is your company having a hard time finding the exact type of customer you want to market to? If so, there might be something wrong with your ideal customer profile.

Vincent DeCastro

· 6 min read

How to Win as an Online Business During the 2020 Holiday Season

Eight ways to optimize business exposure and improve conversion rates during November and December.

Nickie Rowley

· 5 min read

'Emily in Paris': 3 Digital Marketing Mistakes the Netflix Series Made

Focusing on marketing and social media, is what the series tells us true? Today these three errors that all Social Media Manager should have recognized.


· 5 min read

The ASAP Formula: How Entrepreneurs Can Tap Into Free PR And Marketing

Who you associate yourself and your brand with makes a huge impact on business.

Simone Vincenzi

· 6 min read

How Do People Find You? Take Your Business Where Your Customers Are

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or are thinking of taking advantage of the big Good End or Cyber Monday sales, now is the best time to be online.

Arturo Lee

· 7 min read

5 Fresh Content Ideas for Your Personal Brand

How leaders can cultivate authentic relationships with their tribe right now.

Natasha Zo

· 6 min read

How to Get Media Coverage For Your Business

In this video, Entrepreneur editor in chief Jason Feifer reveals strategies for getting press coverage.

Jason Feifer

· 4 min read

10 Factors That Will Make or Break Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Here's a handy list of must-dos to improve the return on investment of your influencer collaborations.

Ismael El-Qudsi

· 10 min read