Why This Founder Doesn't Need Work-Life Balance

Guest Writer

If you love your job enough, consistently working 18-hour days is no biggie. That’s Jason Lucash’s philosophy, anyway.

As the co-founder of OrigAudio, a consumer audio company, Lucash is a self-diagnosed workaholic. Although he recently got back from a two-week European vacation with his wife, he can think of only “one day in the last six years where I didn’t check my emails.” (He was in Thailand, without Internet access.)

Despite this lack of balance, Lucash says he is completely content. If this is the price of working for himself, he’s more than happy to pay it. “I don’t think I could go back and work for someone else,” he says. “Being an entrepreneur is awesome.”

To hear Lucash speak about the unexpected joys of getting 700 emails a day and the benefits of working late at night, check out the above video.

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