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People Will Love Behind-the-Scenes YouTube Videos on the Creation of Your Book

To promote your upcoming book -- or any big project you have in the works -- on YouTube, entrepreneurial guru Evan Carmichael recommends doing a behind-the-scenes creation video series, getting the book in the hands of influencers and more.

Carmichael says he is writing a book himself that is coming out at the end of the year, and he's been posting YouTube videos that documents the process of making the book. It functions not only as interesting content but as a marketing tool, a way to keep his audience involved -- and a way to keep him motivated, too. 

"When you're taking on a big project, it can be overwhelming," he says. "When something is coming out at the end of the year that I started last year, you can get down on yourself and get sluggish, but seeing the audience questions coming in keeps me motivated."

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