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This is the new retail consumer behavior

A joint investigation by Google and Kantar found that more consumers were encouraged to buy new retail categories online.
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Entrepreneur Staff

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

We have been dealing with the health emergency that COVID-19 brought us for just over a year and the effects of the lockdown brought important changes for retail consumers. Google conducted a study with Kantar to understand how the pandemic transformed the way we consume.

The study reflected that electronic commerce advanced by leaps and bounds in recent months. While e-commerce and the use of video for shopping was already growing prior to the pandemic, today's digitization has grown exponentially.

The most important result of the study is that retailers have to prepare for the future since in 2020, 36% of retail buyers in Mexico bought a new category online for the first time and 29% bought from a new brand. Not only that, consumers expect to continue shopping online this year to increase online sales up to more than 16 percent.

More concerned about health and money

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The study found that one of the main concerns of the majority of consumers in Mexico is their health. Other results of the collaboration between google and Kantar were:

A more open market than expected

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Google mentions that at the beginning of the pandemic there was uncertainty as to whether businesses would have the ability to keep up with consumer demand. The results were better than expected as 73% of consumers in Mexico mentioned that they had no problems when buying online, which indicates that there is an area of opportunity to attend of 27%.

The most frequent problems in online purchases were shipping, product availability, customer service or lack of information.

With this in mind, Google gives the following three tips for you as an entrepreneur to prepare your business to sell more online:

  1. Step One: Put the consumer at the center and be empathetic. Consumers are the essence of any business, so it is important to understand their changes and their main concerns in order to address them and draw up strategies that provide adequate solutions.
  2. Step Two: Make data-driven decisions, like having an omnichannel strategy.
  3. Third step: Be agile, especially when implementing new strategies that accommodate the changes that we are discovering in consumers. It is important to know where they are shopping and to accompany them on their purchasing journey that will continue to be in constant transformation.