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An iPhone With Steve Jobs' Clothes? Yes, It Exists and It Costs $6,500.

The Caviar Company, which is famous for its extravagant and expensive versions of various electronic devices, has released an iPhone 12 containing a piece of Steve Jobs' turtleneck.

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Caviar is a Russian technology company dedicated to personalizing electronic devices and giving them an exclusive touch, now it launched its premium series limited edition of an iPhone 12 Pro that includes a piece of the black sweaters used by , the founder of Apple , the detail It is authentic and is embedded in the brand logo.  

Caviar iPhone

Steve Jobs was characterized by typical dress which included a j eans, New Balance shoes and a black turtleneck. Now, the Russian company Caviar has modified the new iPhones with a style inspired by the classic iPhone 4, which was the last model unveiled by Jobs before his death, but this design also includes a fragment of the 'original' sweater of the founder of Apple, which is included in the apple logo.

This collection has the name of "iPhone 12 Pro-Jobs 4s" , although the availability of these units is limited. There are only 10 units of each version. There is a black version called “Jobs 4 Black” , made of titanium material and costs $ 6,500 (approximately 120 thousand Mexican pesos). The white model is $ 7,000 and the back is made of G-10 material, an ultra- resistant fiberglass reinforced laminate. Also, there is the model called "Steve Jobs 1st" with a price of 7,000 dollars, in which the back of the device has a design of two silver tones, alluding to the colors of the first version of iPhone. Later, the gold-colored model, which is worth $ 9,000, since the part of the Apple logo was made with 14-karat gold.

Similarly, 30 custom New Balance 991 sneakers are available.

If you want yours, you should hurry to contact Caviar, as the units are limited and may run out.