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Meet the 18 astronauts that NASA will send to the Moon in 2024

In the mission, called Artemisa, there will be 9 women and 9 men, of which two are of Hispanic origin.

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The Artemis space mission is known for wanting to send the first woman to the moon. The objectives are clear, to explore the south pole of the star, in addition to conducting experiments and mitigating exploration risks, according to a NASA report. Also, they will seek to collect some samples from the moon, which could include water or other resources.

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“Team Artemis astronauts have a variety of backgrounds, knowledge and experience. The agency's modern lunar exploration program will put the first woman and next man on the moon in 2024 and establish a sustainable human lunar presence by the end of the decade, ” NASA said in a statement .

The names of the 18 astronauts were announced by the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence , at the Keneddy Space Center, in Cape Canaberal, Florida.

"I present to you the heroes of the future who are going to take us back to the moon and beyond," said the vice president.

Five of the 18 candidates were present at the event. Among them, two men of Hispanic origin stand out: Joseph Aca , a US Navy pilot, who took the Puerto Rican flag into space in 2017, and Frank Rubio , of Salvadoran parents.

The other males selected are: Mathew Dominick, Victor Glover, Woody Hoburg, Jonny Kim, Scott Tingle, Raja Chari, Kjell Lindgren . As for the women, they are: Anne McClain, Jessica Meir, Jessica Watkins, Kayla Barron, Christina Koch, Nicole Mann, Jasmin Moghbeli, Kate Rubins, Stephanie Wilson.

Artemis gets her name from being Apollo's twin sister. Robotic missions are slated to begin in 2021, to be followed by the crews of Artemis II, and then Artemis III.

This will be the first NASA crew to set foot on the Moon since Apollo 17 in 1972.