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Last minute! WHO confirms that Santa Claus is immune to COVID-19 and will be able to distribute gifts

However, Santa and his reindeer will wear face masks and work with a healthy distance.

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Breaking news! The World Health Organization (WHO) reported this morning via Twitter that thanks to the fact that Santa Claus and his elves have practiced the rules of healthy distance and used masks all year round, they will be able to distribute gifts around the world this Christmas Eve.

In a video, Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO technical leader against COVID-19, assured that Mrs. Claus is also safe and sound and that both have become immune to the virus. However, the reindeer, elves and Santa Claus will wear face masks and antibacterial gel all night to take care of themselves.

The WHO specialist asked that all children wear their masks, wash their hands and practice healthy distance to avoid putting Santa and his reindeer at risk.