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Apple Reaches Agreement With Prepear Over Logo

In exchange for slightly modifying the leaf in its image, the gastronomic company will be able to have the fruit as part of its image.

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In August 2020, a small company with 5 employees became a trend by opposing the giant Apple. The did not want Prepear to register its pear because "people could get confused ."

@Superhealthykids, Instagram

However, six months later, the case was resolved positively for the company that stores cooking recipes. Apparently Apple didn't really have a problem with the pear shape, as Prepear agreed to change the shape of the leaf , instead of being circular, it now has a flat side.

With this small change Apple agreed that this was enough for them to register and move on with their project.

Company co-founder Russ Monson told The Verge : "Prepear is pleased to announce that it has resolved its issue with Apple."

The petition for "Save the Pear from Apple!" created by monson, it managed to collect 269,650 signatures.

The petition explained that Apple tends to oppose small companies that have logos related to fruits, even if they are not linked to the same line of business. So many of these had to be modified or simply being abandoned because most cannot afford a legal battle against the giant Apple.