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Top 10 Mistakes the Biggest Achieves Don't Make Twice

Success requires always learning from new mistakes.

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Success does not happen overnight, it is a long and arduous process. Influence and impact are part of a marathon, not a race. It is easy to think that successful people have achieved what they have achieved because of their good luck or because they have an innate talent that we do not have. And although you do want to inherit something or end up being in the right place at the right time, all the great achievers have had to work for what they have. They have all failed, struggled, and most importantly, they have persevered.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of influential people is that they learn from their mistakes. They reflect on their limitations and mistakes to do better next time. This happens throughout their entire lives, but there are specifically 10 mistakes that the best ones don't make twice:

1. Try to change others

You cannot change another person. You can offer them different ideas, perspectives and opportunities and they can take them as part of their growth… or not. Fundamentally, changing someone else does not happen. Everyone has to decide to change for themselves.

The big achievers realized this and stopped trying. They don't put too much effort or thought into changing others. It doesn't matter if it's someone they love, a friend, or an employee, it's an important lesson to learn. When someone else's characteristics drive you crazy you can tell them, but there isn't much you can do to change them. On the contrary, the best tend to take these factors as facts and make decisions based on what they know.

2. Do the same, expecting different results

It's crazy to try the same thing and expect a different result. The best have realized this. When they fall short on something they evaluate it and change their perspective. They don't make excuses for their limitations, and they don't do the same thing over and over again. On the contrary, they save time and energy and are often successful trying new things.

3. Focus entirely on the short term

Anyone who's committed exclusively to short-term goals knows the consequences. Regardless of the instant benefit and gratification, this is going to eat you up later. The best know how to think long term. They have the ability to exercise their vision and put it to work. They are patient and this takes them to new levels of sustained success.

4. Trust someone when your head and heart tell you otherwise

Our instincts are often right. The fact that others like someone does not mean that you are compatible with them.

This does not mean that the other is a bad person, but the best know how to recognize when they do not trust or do not want to work with another person and, instead of trying to convince others otherwise, they accept it and save themselves the pain and problems that may arise from that relationship.

5. Skimp on research before making an important decision

Making an important decision without understanding its impact and ramifications is a serious mistake. It could be an investment, a friendship, accepting a new job or moving to another city. The best have learned to do their research before making an important decision. They do not trust a single source of information or the opinion of another person. What they do is weigh all the factors and include their own circumstances and preferences.

6. Blaming others

High achievers have learned not to look to blame. This doesn't lead to anything productive other than a slight ego boost. Even when the others are wrong, the best ones don't waste their energy pointing them out. On the contrary, they try to resolve the situation. And when they fail, they take responsibility. This allows them to improve over time and they do not tie their actions to their ego, as many do.

7. Be something you are not

Acting like something you are not is a mistake. It lowers your happiness and can make you go against your moral code. It takes you down a path that is not authentic. High achievers achieve so much because their energy is sustained. They do what they love, every day. That allows them to work hard for long periods of time.

Yes, it is possible to achieve many things in the short term without being true to yourself, but, as time passes, this begins to take its toll on you. The best do their thing and benefit greatly from it.

8. Not documenting efforts and results

It is important to document success, failure, and results. On the one hand, it gives you a meaningful way to reflect; You can look at the results above to learn more about yourself and the world. Your actions provide you with a lot of information and reflecting on them will help you better align your future decisions. Looking at your past accomplishments also helps you have more energy. In day-to-day battles, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Being able to admire your accomplishments can remind you of why you have worked so hard.

Also, documenting your results will prepare you to talk about them in the future. It doesn't matter if it's on your CV, on a job application or even on a date, being able to discuss things you've accomplished in the past is extremely valuable.

9. Spending your time with bad people

The best of them have reached a point in their lives where they realized that they need to be more aware of who their friends are. We are the average of those 5 people with whom we spend the most time. Keeping track of time is essential. When others are pulling you down, you will be less successful. The best ones already realized this. Although it is difficult to distance yourself from some friends, there are many long-term benefits.

10. Be afraid of taking risks

Every great achiever has had to take risks in his life. It is one of the few ways to differentiate yourself from the others. Successful people have learned that being cautious doesn't work. Rather, they are willing to take risks to make a difference and improve their own lives.

Barrett Wissman

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Barrett Wissman is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and concert pianist. He is chairman of IMG Artists, a performing-and-cultural arts entertainment business, and a principal in Two Pillar Management, which represents and partners with social media brands, influencers and celebrities.