AirTags: Filter price and features of Apple's new device for object tracking

According to analyst Max Weinbach, Apple AirTags will be used to locate personal items such as your keys, backpack or wallet, via Bluetooth.
AirTags: Filter price and features of Apple's new device for object tracking
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For more than a year rumors have circulated about Apple's AirTags , a new device for locating objects via Bluetooth . According to analyst Max Weinbach , author at Android Police, these tracking tags are about to become a reality. They even ventured to share some features like size , performance, and estimated price.

Apple AirTags are a kind of smart tag that you can place on any object such as your keys, wallet, purse, backpack or in your car. Through the Bluetooth connection it will allow you to track its location at all times, which will be of great help to find things or avoid losing them.

Weinbach, who has a reputation for leaking future Apple products, revealed details of these tags in a video for the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel .

What can we expect from Apple AirTags?

Although this technology is not exactly new, the main difference is that the AirTags will be easily and efficiently integrated with the FIndMy app, available on any Apple device (iPhone, iPad or Mac). You can also connect to other nearby AirTags and other devices of the firm, and send the location signal to the owner of the accessory.

These devices will use a UWB (Ultra Wide Band) chip that will allow them to be found more accurately. The iPhone 12 already includes this chip, but phones and other devices that do not have this technology will be able to communicate with the AirTags via Bluetooth .

The analyst assures that the size of the AirTags will be 32 millimeters in diameter by 6 millimeters thick, more or less like a 10 Mexican peso coin. That is, they will be smaller than its direct competition, Samsung's Galaxy SmartTags , but slightly larger than the Tile Sticker.

Regarding the range , the SmartTags allow to locate objects within a radius of 120 meters, but so far it is not known if the AirTags will be in a similar range or not, since the company has not given official details of its new gadget.

How much will Apple AirTags cost?

Weinbach estimates a price in the United States of $ 39 for each AirTag , that is, about 800 Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate.

The price is very close to that of Samsung's Galaxy SmartTags, which are priced at $ 29.99 in the US (about 600 MXN). However, in the official Samsung Mexico store they have a cost of 499 pesos.

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