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Get inspired by Feng Shui to organize your desk and boost your productivity

Ancient Chinese art can encourage the flow of positive energy in your office and boost your career.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Much is said about the benefits that the practice of Feng Shui has for homes by attracting peace, money and love. According to this ancient Chinese art, the position of objects positively influences the flow of energy in a space, so it is necessary to accommodate your environment in such a way that it influences you effectively.


But have you ever wondered what it would be like to apply this technique to the place where you spend most of your time, your desk? Your workspace is where your professional life unfolds and where important financial decisions are made, so Feng Shui in the office can help you get positive energy flowing.

Whether you believe the theory behind Feng Shui or not, you can use this guide to organize your space. Especially if you will continue doing home office for a few more months.

Take note of these practical tips:

All in order

Clutter in your workplace is the main enemy of positive energy. Organize your papers by priority and throw away the ones you no longer use. This will not only serve for Feng Shui, it will also help you focus on your tasks and work more comfortably . If you have cables sticking out, try to tidy them up, as they represent confusion.


Look for your desk to face a window and have a view of the street; that will allow you to open your horizons energetically. If you are in a cubicle or cannot change your desk address, paste a photo of an open space or landscape that you like.


Placing a small plate with sweets will counteract the bad energies that can occur in an office, as they will "sweeten" the environment.


Having a small plant on your desk connects you with the natural world and allows you to have your roots better planted. Bamboos are easy to care for and typical of the Chinese cosmogony. You can buy a money tree (group of bamboos tied with golden ribbons) in any market in the city. Avoid cacti and sharp-edged plants.

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High chair or wall

It is very important that your chair gives you the support you need. This is not only better for your posture: gives you security.

Of colors

Gold tones bring good luck in the office. A red item will attract fame, while a yellow item will boost your career.


This vital liquid represents the flow of your career, which makes its way. You can put a small fountain or have a glass of water on your desk. Moreover, not forget to drink H 2 O during the day.

Mirror and door

It is important that your desk does not face the door. If your back is to the entrance, put up a small mirror so you always know who is coming your way.


Sunlight is essential to boost your energy. Curtains can also give you a sense of security if they are long and go to the floor. If you have to use electrical power, make sure the lamps are warm and powerful.


The photos are very symbolic, as they represent what you are working for. You can put photos of people that keep you happy and motivated.