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LinkedIn Will Allow You to Put Preferred Pronouns in Your Profile

To make users more comfortable using the platform, LinkedIn took the initiative to allow them to display their preferred pronouns.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

June celebrates LGBTQ + pride, but in addition to marches and rainbow merchandise, it's a time when the focus is on the community, and the rest of the world has to reflect. This month, LinkedIn added the feature to display your pronouns on your profile.


Non-binary people are those who do not identify as female or male or who do not identify with their sex assigned at birth. This is why they are not comfortable with the pronouns he or she, or in the case of being trans, with the pronoun that is related to their assigned sex. Some people are more comfortable using "elle" as their pronoun.

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However, you cannot know what a person's pronoun is just by looking at them, and that is why it is important that social networks like LinkedIn allow you to show your preferred pronoun. According to information collected by the company, many employers say that it is easier to hire people when you know their pronouns since using the wrong one can ruin the relationship.

The company has also invited users who are part of the community or allies to participate in conversations about how social distancing has affected diversity, among other things. It also collaborated with RuPaul on the #ConversationsForChange initiative. All of this was done with the purpose of showing that LinkedIn is a platform where people can freely express themselves.