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They launch a platform for children to open an online store

In trying to give his daughters a more complete education, Ben Goldhirsh realized that putting practical projects on how to run their own business was the best way to go.

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Mighty is an e-commerce platform for children, where everyone can create and run their own business from the site and earn money. The founders are Ben Goldhirsh , owner of GOOD magazine, and Dana Mauriello who spent five years at Etsy so she has experience in this field of commerce.


As reported by the Tech Crunch portal, it all started when Goldhirsh worried that her daughters, students from a very small school, would be left behind the children who went to state schools. He tried to find a solution and started teaching them after school using Khan Academy . The girls weren't happy with the arrangement because they left school only to keep doing the same thing in the afternoon.

When his daughters rejected the idea, he came up with a way to motivate them a little more. He told them that they should start selling the bracelets they were making online. To achieve this, he taught them to make a business plan and a marketing strategy. His daughters became very interested in the project and began to build their business, using simple tools that many people do not know until their career. Upon learning that it was working, his friends asked him to teach their children as well.

A few months later he had created Mighty , which Goldhirsh calls "the modern equivalent of lemonade stands." You would think that creating a platform for children to have their own businesses is not sustainable because they lose interest easily. However, there are many investors who think it is a good idea and already have a starting capital of $ 6.5 million.

Eventually, it will offer subscriptions to have access to certain content or certain functions of the platform in order to monetize. It is still in the testing stage, but everything seems to indicate that it could be a very successful idea.