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7 lessons from rock for entrepreneurship (and life)

Believe it or not, this genre has some particular lessons for entrepreneurs. Today is your day, long live rock!

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Rock is one of the few things in the world that can give me a chill and literally make my hair stand on end . It is probably my most common source of adrenaline. But I also believe that rock can play a didactic role in our entrepreneurial lives, and why not, personal as well. Here are seven examples of the lessons that rock can teach us:


1. Chase your dreams

Chasing dreams is very likely the most common characteristic of entrepreneurs. It is not easy to do so and even less so to hold on to them, knowing the risk of facing a myriad of challenges and potential failures. That is precisely what one of the most representative rock songs tells us about, created by a Californian group that was formed in San Francisco in 1973 called and acclaimed as Journey . This song, personally, brings back many memories of childhood and adolescence; especially from a long road trip in which we heard several times front-back of the cassette (predecessor of the CD) with the title Escape around 1981.

The song I'm talking about was the first on the list on the "A" side of the cassette and it's called Don't Stop Believin ' . This glorious song tells of a small town girl and a boy from South Detroit who board a train, at midnight, without a particular destination and with the simple objective of chasing their dreams. It is clear in warning that you can win or lose, but you must hold on to that feeling and never stop believing in yourself and your dreams.

2. Be persistent

Perseverance is about trying over and over and over again, without giving up, until you succeed. Sound familiar, entrepreneurs? Whitesnake , the band formed in 1977 in London, England by former Deep Purple vocalist David Coverdale, released the 1982 album Saints & Sinners which included the famous song Here I Go Again . It does not speak of anything other than perseverance. It teaches us not to regret, not to waste any more time and to try again, having faith that in the end, everything will work out.

3. Avoid procrastination

To procrastinate? What's that? Well, it is the habit of delaying activities or situations that must be addressed, replacing them with other more irrelevant or pleasant situations. Avoiding it is a great challenge that we must all overcome, both in our work and personal lives. Van Halen , the iconic Californian band formed in 1974, taught us in their 1991 album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge how to stop procrastinating with their hit Right Now , through the vocals of Sammy Hagar. This song encourages us not to wait until tomorrow to face our problems, not to miss a beat and to take advantage of that magical moment that right now means.

4. Value your time

Although many of us live as if we were eternal, our time here is finite and therefore should be highly appreciated and well spent. This is what the group Kansas , formed in Topeka in 1970, clearly teaches us. In their 1977 album Point of Know Return , the famous Dust in the Wind forces us to reflect that nothing is eternal and not even all your money will be able to buy you a minute more. Therefore, make good use of your time and enjoy every minute because nobody comes out of this life alive.

5. Remember that you won't always get what you want

This is a law of life. However, many times we don't even try because it seems practically impossible. Logic would say that, although it is very difficult, we will always have a greater chance if we at least try. That's what You Can't Always Get What You Want teaches us from the unmarried The Rolling Stones , a band created in London in 1962. This song is contained in the 1969 album Let It Bleed and tells us precisely that not always We will get what we want, but if we try, we will probably get, not what we want, but what we need.

6. Live life

They say that when old age comes and the end of life approaches, people do not regret so much what they did, but what they stopped doing, either out of fear or neglect. The band Bon Jovi founded in 1983 in Sayreville New Jersey, clearly communicates this to us in their well-known hit It's my life from the album Crush (2000) , where they argue that you should live life your way (as Frank Sinatra said) since it is just yours and nobody else's. It also demystifies the power of luck, saying that it does not come to you, but that you have to look for it yourself. " I just want to live as long as I'm alive, because it's my life," reads the famous song.

7. Celebrate successes

Celebrating success is paying homage to positivism, which, by the way, sometimes we really miss it in our lives. It is releasing joy, recognizing achievement, and rewarding perseverance. There is no better example of this than what we see and hear in many stadiums and sports venues when a team succeeds. The emblematic song We are the champions that appears on the 1977 album News of the World by the British group Queen , formed in London in 1971, is always heard singing in unison. There is no song more representative of the victory, after going through a difficult path full of challenges, mistakes and tireless struggle.

Although rock was not invented with the aim of teaching us life lessons, I think we can learn a lot from it. Rock was created to make life less monotonous and more fun, so let's take advantage of it. Long live rock!

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