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These Mexicans have already won medals ... but for other countries

These are the figures that represent other flags at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition.
This story originally appeared on Alto Nivel

Several athletes have fired the Mexican delegation from the Olympic Games for different situations in which they are involved, whether personal or professional in relation to the processes in Mexico, lack of resources and support.

Vía Alto Nivel

Over the years, these circumstances have arisen, here we show you the figures that represent them in Tokyo 2020.

Gabriela Bayardo Schloesser

She is the Mexican who won silver in archery, but it was for the Netherlands. The athlete stopped competing for Mexico, since she married a Dutchman named Mike Schloesser, therefore, she began competing for that country. Bayardo Schloesser, formerly selected representative of the country in the Rio 2016 Games, this year arrived at the Tokyo 2020 Games to be on the mixed archery podium. He achieved silver along with Steve Wijler, but lowered the Dutch flag. Unlike other athletes, Gabriela Bayardo did not stop competing for Mexico, due to problems with leaders or financial interest. The athlete was already the first Dutch to participate in archery at the Olympic Games, now she is her first medalist.

Oscar Salazar

He is the Mexican coach who gave Egypt two Bronze medals in Taekwondo, brother of Iridia Salazar, who gave Mexico a Bronze in Athens in 2004. He arrived in Tokyo 2020 as a Taekwondo coach, but from the Egyptian delegation, winning the third place of Hedaya Malak and Seif Eissa in feminine and masculine branch.

After having problems due to a corruption situation and the lack of opportunities that stopped his learning path, according to Medio Tiempo, Salazar left the Mexican group.

Salazar, as coach of the Mexican Youth Team, added 12 medals in World Cups and two more in the Youth Games. Since October 2019, Salazar has played the role of coach in the Egyptian Taekwondo team.

Jonathan Ruvalcaba

Originally from Guanajuato, the diver changed his trajectory to the Dominican Republic, after not being taken into account to obtain a place for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games that he had obtained for Mexico. After that matter, the one who adopted it was the Caribbean island, for the Gwanju World Championship in 2019.

Alberto Michán

His source of motivation to follow his dreams in the Israel team was his Jewish background. In 2016 he decided after representing Mexico in London 2012 with a fifth Survey. His participation in Tokyo will be the classification of team jumping scheduled for the last weekend of the Olympics.