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YouTube will stop working on these mobile devices

And that's why every so often we have to change teams.

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How old is your cell phone? Google will suspend the YouTube service, on some Android models. Those smartphones that have version 2.3.7 or lower of this operating system will no longer have this service.

Jonas Leupe vía Unsplash

As explained by the technology company, as of September 27 of this year, users who have smartphones with said operating system will no longer be able to log in to the Google suite.

What is the Google suite?

That is, people who have these devices will not only be able to access YouTube, but also other services such as Maps , Play Store , Gmail , and Google Photos . Those who try to access these services after this date may encounter an error message.

According to the Alphabet subsidiary, it is a security measure for users of its services. The developers explain that phones in that range cannot run certain patches that the company has created for Android and this would leave a window open for cybercriminals.

The cell phones that will stop working are those Android that came out in September 2011.