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4 business ideas to take advantage of back to school

The holidays are coming to an end and the children return to school and with them, the expenses. But don't worry, here we tell you how you can take advantage of this season.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Millions of basic education children return to classes next Monday, August 30 (except for those who will continue with online education due to the COVID-19 contingency) and with them the expenses to start a new school year. Considering that, according to data from the National Small Business Alliance (ANPEC), Mexican families have one to three children, the beginning of the school year can become a nightmare for the pocketbook.

What's more, an article by Alto Nivel in 2016 showed that on average you can spend 1,500 to 3,000 pesos on school supplies per child in school, and almost 10,000 pesos in private schools.

The expense not only stops there, as other aspects such as clothing, footwear, medical certificates and backpacks will have to be added, if necessary. Finding everything cheap and on time is not an easy task.

It seems like a nightmare, right? However, this seemingly chaotic season also represents a strong business opportunity for entrepreneurs who literally know how to "make their fortune."

According to a study by Nielsen Retail Service, there are businesses that the week before classes start their sales up 22%. According to this source, the things that are sold the most are those related to the hygiene and grooming of the child, everything related to the preparation of lunches and, of course, school supplies .

Do you want to take advantage of this season to start a part-time business that you can continue from September to July? Get to know some of the ideas we have for you!

1. Lunch to the classroom


If you like to cook and are creative, you can propose in the schools in the area where you live to make small nutritious lunches that you can take to the little ones. They can be from salads, sandwiches, chopped fruit, synchronized and small bottles of plain water or juices.

Sell them at a fixed daily price or offer promotions if parents buy packages on a weekly basis. Many busy parents will thank you.

2. Provide supplies at home


Have you ever gone to a stationery store the week before entering class? How does the center of your city get?

If you like technology, you can create an app that makes it easier to stock your supply lists. Parents can put the amount of objects they need (notebooks, white sheets, pencils, pens, colors, scissors, pencil cases, backpacks), receive a total price for the order that they can pay with a credit or debit card, and then enter one delivery address for you to send them their order.

With this tool, many parents will be able to supply what they need without leaving home in search of each item and having to face the chaos of the crowds that make late purchases.

3. A school comparer


How many platforms do we know that compare the prices of hotels, travel or electronic devices? Well, with such a platform, many parents who enter the world of schools with their little ones will be able to know what type of school is the most appropriate to their interests or needs of their child. Something like the "Trivago" of school institutions. In this platform you could say which schools offer school transportation, extracurricular activities (swimming, computing, dance, music), private classes or teachers who know how to support children with specific needs.

4. Anti-lice service


Let's face it, with the return to school, problems that arise with coexistence among children, such as the contagion of lice, also return. According to the Ministry of Health, October is the month in which the spread of lice among the child population begins and lasts throughout the winter season. The reason: children spend more time in classrooms because of the cold and share items such as hats, scarves and jackets.

A service that addresses pediculosis problems among children can be a very fruitful business if we consider that according to the agency, only in elementary schools in Mexico, between 15% and 40% of students have lice.

The classics do not go out of style

These models are just a few ideas to inspire you to start a part-time business. However, there are classic ideas that you can always put into practice without having to make a large investment:

  • Cover books and notebooks
  • Label school supplies (colors, Resistol, scissors and pencil case).
  • Embroider sweatshirts and sweaters with the students' names. Even place the school shields.
  • Sale of items related to the uniform with school colors (bows, vests, scarves).

You can improve or adapt these according to the situation in which you find yourself. Remember that going back to school can generate expenses, but also profits. Which one do you choose?