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Gamer's Day! Take advantage of the video game fever and open a successful business

This entertainment quickly takes over the preferences, especially of young audiences around the world.

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Neither music nor cinema, the video game industry is the one that leads the entertainment market in the world.

From five years to date, the sector has grown more than 50%, with 2017 being the key year, since it exceeded the value of 100 billion dollars in the world.

Video games represent one of the most effective platforms to approach the millennial public, and it could not be otherwise, since it is a generation that grew up with titles such as Halo , FIFA , Madden , Smash or Super Mario .

We are talking about an industry that was clearly strengthened with the generation born between the late 80s and early 90s, a period in which numerous consoles and titles emerged and were reinvented that to this day continue to magnetize the general public.

According to figures from the consulting firm Invdes , the Mexican market is in the top 15 of the industry worldwide, with annual market values ranging between 1.100 and 1.2 billion dollars during the last three years.

Mexico also has an illegal market (piracy) that is, in the best of cases, on a par with the formal market - normally it is above it -, so we could speak of one of the countries with the highest potential in the field of video games in the world.

A thousand more justifications could be deduced from the figures, but it is enough to recognize the establishments dedicated to this type of entertainment, which normally look crowded, either in shopping malls or in any neighborhood of the City.

Thus, the recommendation for this business idea is not only about opening a space dedicated 100% to video games, but also innovating with them. It does not matter if your project is a cafeteria, a bar or a hairdresser, by including video games you could make a difference in a simple and attractive way for the public.


First of all, you must recognize if your target audience fits within this proposal. If your project is aimed mainly at millennials and later generations (that is, between 16 and 35 years old), you will have a greater probability of success.

Subsequently, consider that the investment requires not only a television and a console, it is likely that you need more than one console per TV since there are a variety of titles that are exclusive for different platforms ( PlayStation , XBox and Nintendo are usually jealous of their best games).

Likewise, your type of audience can be a guide for the console that will have better results: if it is a more familiar space, for example, it may be better for you to include the Nintendo titles (which cover this profile), but if it is about a place where more couples or groups of friends arrive, you will probably want to prioritize the other consoles.

Once you have your equipment ready to start operating, make sure you have the most popular titles and, from there, meet the demands of your consumers to make a good catalog (remember that in the diversity of titles lies the good functioning of this type of business).

One of the main advantages of integrating video games into your business or starting one totally dedicated to them is that it is a practically universal offer, that is, it can work in upper-class neighborhoods or popular neighborhoods.

The schemes are also diverse, as it can be charged by time of use or by game.

What is not optional is the use of original equipment and video games. To start a business of this type you must guarantee the user not only entertainment, but also the best quality and the guarantee of the legality of the business.

In addition, manufacturers recognize when equipment has been manipulated to operate pirated video games and can deny service and even block equipment in case of console failures.

Success stories

You can find sites dedicated to the sale and rental of video games exclusively such as:

Likewise, there are several projects that include video games as part of complementary entertainment, despite not being the central theme of the business:

  • Checkpoint Bar : a bar that includes a television per table, which are equipped with more than 5 consoles.
  • Arkeid Bar : located in the Roma neighborhood, this space offers a slot machine room and tables with video games for gamers who can't stop playing, not even at lunchtime.