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Mercedes-Benz presents a car that is driven with the mind

The design of the car is inspired by the aesthetics of the movie "Avatar".

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This Monday, September 6, the automotive firm Mercedes-Benz presented at the International Motor Show in Munich a prototype of a car inspired by the movie "Avatar" that would not have a steering wheel and would be driven with the mind.

Mercedes Benz

The car, called the Vision AVTR , would be able to read the driver's brain activity and translate it into driving commands. Its technology is based on visual perception as its dashboard will project points of light to form the digital command interface, as well as portable electrodes that will be connected to the back of the driver's head.

Image: Mercedes Benz

The user should first “calibrate” the car with his brain and then fix his gaze on a specific point on the dash. The car would detect that "thought" and take the desired action.

Image: Mercedes Benz

The car would not have a steering wheel as such, but it would turn on by putting your hand on a console that would be able to recognize the owner's heart rate and breathing.

Image: Mercedes Benz

The Vision AVTR sensors are capable of detecting specific information from outside such as magnetic fields and ultraviolet light.

Image: Mercedes Benz

The car has an electric motor for each wheel, reaches a power of 350 kW and a range of 700 kilometers per charge.

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