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Twitter test feature that allows you to remove followers without having to block them

"If you don't like my content, don't follow me." Now you can remove that annoying user yourself.

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Do you have followers on Twitter that you really wish you didn't have, but that you also don't want to block or say 'don't follow me anymore'? The blue bird social network is testing an option that will allow you to 'remove followers without blocking them'.

Joshua Hoehne vía Unsplash

Through the Twitter Support account , the platform announced that now you can become "the curator of your own list of followers." How? Right now he is testing a feature on the website of the social network that will give you an option to remove your follower.

If you want to remove a follower, what you should do is go to your profile, click on "followers", then go to the three-dot icon next to the contact you want to remove, click and select "remove this follower."

Image: Twitter Support via Twitter.

According to company information, this option is only available for the desktop version of the application.

Before having this feature, the only option to remove a user from your list was to block him momentarily and then, if you wanted, to unblock him. Now instead of clicking lock and unlock, you will have the option to "remove this follower." This action will not notify the user of your list that you end up removing.