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Goodbye plastic! McDonald's will start providing more sustainable toys

This transformation will help them reduce 90% use of fossil fuel-based plastic in toys.

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Do you like to collect McDonald's toys for yourself or your children? Everything seems to indicate that the fast food chain wants to be a more sustainable company by 2025, since it reported that by that date it would reduce the use of plastic in its toys.

McDonald's vía web

“From now on, and gradually around the world by the end of 2025, our ambition is that every toy sold at a Happy Meal is sustainable, made with more renewable, recycled or certified materials such as materials. bio-based and plant derivatives and certified fiber ”, the company explains in a statement.

The idea of the golden arches company is to deliver toys made with recycled, renewable or certified materials. This transformation will help them reduce their use of fossil fuel-based plastics in toys by 90%.

According to the fast food company, that is similar to the entire population of Washington DC eliminating plastics from their lives for one year or 650,000 people eliminating plastics from their lives each year.

The firm had already started this transition since 2018 in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and France. Now he plans to expand it globally. According to their data, efforts around the world and in the places mentioned above have already managed to reduce the use of virgin fossil-fuel-based plastics in their gifts for children by 30%.