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The 3 failures that will undoubtedly lead you to success

"Every cloud has a silver lining".

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There is a saying that says: "There is no harm that does not come" and although at the moment that we are going through "bad" does not seem to make sense, the truth is that failures can propel us faster towards the goal.

Sarah Kilian vía Unsplash

Undertaking and having the guts to go out on the market to realize your true value is an action that few complete. More than 90% of business ideas fail, but why? Do people have bad ideas? No, it is that few people are willing to persevere long enough.

That is why the following three failures in the life of every entrepreneur can lead to success if you overcome them.

Failure # 1: Lack of contacts. Not meeting key people who can leverage your idea or project is one of the main reasons why most entrepreneurs fail, but don't worry, it is easily solved:

  • First, determine what potential contacts you need for your project to emerge and many people can meet it.
  • Second, do something valuable and free for that person.
  • Third, be consistent.

The problem is that many entrepreneurs want them to give them money, advertising, traffic and more, without them giving anything of value in return.

I am not saying that you work for free for everyone, but if your market does not know that you exist then it is necessary that you do some things for free for certain key people and make yourself known. For example, if you need to meet the editor of a newspaper to help you promote yourself, you could write free and valuable articles for their market, be consistent, and build rapport.

Failure # 2: Seek perfection. Trying to create the perfect product, program, or service can consume all the time you should be spending on marketing.

That fear of not knowing if your product or service is good enough for the market, stagnates you. You are on the side of the creator and not the buyer, they are the ones who decide if what you have is valuable or not.

For example, every day hundreds of new applications come out in beta version, they are not perfect and they do not have all the details 100% because if the developers were looking for that, the world would never know them. It is when the market validates it, that hundreds or thousands of downloads are made that the product is perfected.

Failure # 3: Lack of organization . I don't know anyone who has unlimited energy to do all the things that he sets out to do and do it 100%.

That does not work, you are a human being who needs to rest, so focus as much energy as possible on activities that push you to where you want to go and be disciplined. Look at the most famous people in any industry, why did they become known? Because they decided to be very good at just one thing; be it in football, fashion, marketing, sales, etc.

Now it's your turn, find and contact the key people your project needs, create a beta version, launch it and focus on what really matters.