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The importance of having good self-esteem

"People who think they can't do something will never do it, even if they have the skills." -Gandhi

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To maintain a high-performance team that generates good results, today entrepreneurs and managers of organizations must be capable enough to move the people in their charge to a state of motivation that influences their degree of efficiency.

However, it is impossible to sell something without having tried it first. That is, a boss will not be able to persuade and motivate his team towards efficiency and the achievement of objectives without first being convinced and sure that, with his abilities and those of the team, he is more than enough to achieve the goal. expected. By realizing the above, that person will be taking their first step to transform from boss to true leader.

In addition to being confident in their own abilities, managers and entrepreneurs must maintain a healthy self-esteem that allows them to motivate themselves and see the members of their work group as a complement to their own skills and abilities rather than as rivals to beat.

A leader with a healthy self-esteem has the ability to recognize their strengths and especially their weaknesses, but at the same time, they must know the strengths of their team and know how to use them to cover their areas of opportunity and potentiate group work towards the achievement of the goal in the shortest time possible.

A manager, to become a successful leader, in addition to maintaining a healthy ego, is always kept up-to-date to have a complete vision of the work environment and the team's state of mind.

An important point for the leader's profile is to always maintain an “open” posture that shows his mature level of self-esteem, since it will allow him to be accessible to all members of the organization.

Additionally, it will enable the person to have better communication with their people, enriching their vision of the business and emphatically adopting other positions to address day-to-day problems from different perspectives.

However, this openness must always be rational and consistent with the values of the organization and the leader, always maintaining respect for each person and a focus on results as fundamental pillars. With this, the famous “waterfall effect” will take care of lowering this style of work towards the rest of the organization. A true entrepreneur or leading manager is one who teaches by example.