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McDonald's presents its own NFT collection called 'Big Mac Rubik's Cube'

The fast food company launched its non-fungible tokens in China with the aim of celebrating its 31st anniversary in the Chinese market.

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There are many ways to celebrate an anniversary today. McDonald’s China launched its own NFT (or Non-Fungible Token) known as the “Big Mac Rubik's Cube” on the occasion of its 31st anniversary in the Asian country market.

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The fast food company's statement explains that it is a dynamic and three-dimensional digital creative work, which is inspired by the spirit of the brand and the shape of its new headquarters in Shanghai.

New McDonald's China headquarters installed on the west bank of Shanghai. Image: McDonald's

“It is a young and fashionable company that has always paid attention to fashion trends and cutting-edge technology. I am very happy that McDonald's has become the first national restaurant brand to launch NFT… At this special time, we use NFT to share innovation, digitization and trend art with employees and consumers, ”says Zhang Jiayin, Director McDonald's China executive.

Image: McDonald's

This work was done by the company in collaboration with a digital asset creation agency called Cocafe and Conflux, a blockchain platform. The Golden Arches Company will offer 188 NFTs to some of its employees and consumers.