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Tips for taking mezcal like a true expert

These are the steps to drink it and enjoy the explosion of flavors, smells and sensations that it can provide with each sip.

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The rich tradition of agave has transcended history and has allowed Mexicans to enjoy their delicious drinks, among which mezcal and tequila stand out, which have even gained international renown and have positioned themselves as the quintessential Mexican drinks, and in This national month they cannot be left off the table for the celebration. In fact, the sales of these drinks in the Mercado Libre Marketplace have shown a purchase growth compared to last year: tequila increased 142% and mezcal 78 percent.

Mezcal holds many secrets to be enjoyed to the fullest and exploit its potential, and the truth is that it doesn't take too much, but the right thing to do, in this sense, Mercado Libre , together with Lala Noguera , a specialist in agave distillates, want to share with you Four fundamental tips to live an experience with mezcal like an expert, as well as the steps to drink it and enjoy the explosion of flavors, smells and sensations that it can provide us with each sip:

First things first: the cup


Although in many places mezcal is taken in dried pumpkin gourd, it is not recommended, since this contaminates the mezcal with other flavors and you will not be able to perceive all its notes. “It is taken in jícara because that is how the towns take it, but not necessarily people should take it that way to have a great experience,” Lala said.

She suggests a small sash , or a tulip-shaped glass if you want a more experience; also a glass of mezcalero candle is an option.

They already exhibited us! Avoid oranges

Image: The Pop'd Shop via Unsplash

Noguera explains that one of the biggest mistakes people make is putting orange and salt in their mouth before or after taking mezcal, since it neutralizes the taste buds and from then on everything will taste like orange and salt, which nullifies the experience with the drink. It is advisable to take it with water just to rinse the mouth.

You didn't know it: Pairing with sweets and chocolates


To create a pairing with mezcal and that takes people to another level of flavor, Lala suggests accompanying with chocolate truffles , because after taking the first sip, identifying the flavor and eating the chocolate, the mezcal explodes in the mouth causing a unmatched experience. You can also use marzipan or tamarind pulp , since mezcal expresses itself very well with these foods.

Shot kills mezcal


Some Mexicans have become accustomed to taking a shot of mezcal de jalón, which is not recommended as there is no experience and the opportunity to truly enjoy the spirit is wasted. By taking it like this you immediately begin to feel the alcoholic effects, since you are giving your body too much. Mezcal has to be little by little.

The moment of truth: the ritual

Image: YesMore Content via Unsplash

Mezcal is made from 65 different types of agaves and there are also subspecies, which means that approximately 120 aromas and flavors can be obtained, but in order to taste it and have a complete experience, it is recommended to observe the color of mezcal from different angles, smell it From four points of the mouth, feel it with the tip of the finger, give it a short swallow and pass it without opening the mouth, combine with food and rinse the mouth.

Do not mix


Avoid taking mezcal immediately after brushing your teeth, environments where there is saturation of odors or where they are smoking so that the senses are not contaminated, and since we walk in those, also prepare without very strong perfumes or lotions: create the whole ritual to that you live the experience of taking mezcal to the fullest.