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Hackers break into Twitch again and steal payments from streamers

Several Twitch streamers reported that hackers once again infiltrated the platform, this time to steal payments from twitchers using private data.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Just a couple of weeks ago, one or more hackers stole 125GB of confidential information from Twitch , which included the website's source code and streamers' pay , among other data. Now, cybercriminals have broken into gamers' favorite platform and stole payments from various content creators .

One of the first to report the new hack was streamer Killadelphia , who reported on Twitter that someone entered his Twitch account, despite having 2-step verification activated.

Cybercriminals changed the payment method , replacing the bank account number where the streamer receives deposits from the platform, with an unknown PayPal account.

The same thing happened to other twitchers like xSophieSophie , Dakillzor and EliteJonas1 . Content creators reported that their accounts were also compromised to modify payment information.

Twitcher will not refund payments stolen by hackers

Of course, the affected streamers reached out to Twitch tech support to try to get their money back. However, the response from the platform was more than disappointing.

“After investigation, it appears that the payment was sent to the chosen payment method. The support cannot recover or remit payments that are settled correctly ” , was the reply that Killadelphia received.

The twitcher xSophieSophie expressed her anger and helplessness at the platform's indifference. In your case, tech support asked you to enable 2-step verification, change your password, and update your payment information. He also suggested "taking all preventive measures to avoid compromising situations again."

For its part, EliteJonas1 received a similar response after hackers stole $ 347 (about 7,000 Mexican pesos), a significant amount for a relatively small streamer.

Data theft and inaction by Twitch have caused a lot of annoyance in the community, to the extent that both streamers and users have threatened to leave the gaming platform for good .