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Kobe Bryant's family won $ 400 million from the sale of BodyArmor, the athlete's energy drinks

The estate of the late athlete Kobe Bryant has grown even further now that Coca-Cola has bought the energy drink company BodyArmor.

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This Monday, the family of Kobe Bryant added 400 million dollars to the already large inheritance of the basketball player. This profit is the result of the sale of BodyArmor , an energy drink company in which the athlete invested a few years ago.

Lisa Blumenfeld | Getty Images

In 2014, the late NBA player paid about $ 6 million for 10% of BodyArmor shares, The Wall Street Journal reported. Bryant retained such participation until his death, which occurred during a fatal plane crash in January 2020.

The energy and hydration drink company is valued at $ 8 billion . Now, Coca-Cola acquired 85% of the company for 5.6 billion dollars , so the part corresponding to Kobe's shares will go directly to the accounts of the Bryant family.

“If it weren't for the vision and faith of Kobe Bryant, BodyArmor would not have been able to achieve the success we did. I could not be more excited to be part of the Coca-Cola family and look to the future, " said Mike Repole , founder of BodyArmor and former partner of the basketball player, in a statement Monday.

A tribute to Kobe Bryant

The official announcement of the acquisition was made this Monday, November 1 , at 8:24 am in honor of the numbers on the legendary basketball player's jersey.

For her part, Vanessa Bryant , the basketball player's widow, broke the news from her Instagram account, where she dedicated an emotional message to the father of her four daughters, one of them Giana, who died along with the NBA icon.

"Congratulations Daddy! […] You did it! Always one step ahead. I am very proud of all that you were able to achieve. Wish you were here to celebrate. You deserve all the credit for this. You are still great. I love you forever, ” wrote Bryant's widow, thanking Repole and the BodyArmor team.

Kobe Bryant is estimated to have earned around $ 323 million in contracts with the Lakers. With this transaction it can already be said that he earned more for his investments off the court, than during his career as a basketball player.

The transaction also represents a milestone for Coca-Cola, as the BodyArmor purchase is the most money the company has ever paid for a beverage brand. The record was held by the acquisition of the Costa Coffee brand for $ 5.1 billion in 2018, and before that there was Glaceau water, for which it paid $ 4.1 billion in 2007.