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There is already a company called Meta and it is asking for several million to give the name to Mark Zuckerberg

Before choosing a name for your company, you should do some research that it is not yet registered by someone else, a small detail that Mark Zuckerberg forgot when he changed the name of Facebook to Meta.

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Just a week ago, Mark Zuckerberg loudly announced that Facebook will now be called Meta , a change to make way for its metaverse . But the tycoon could have problems adopting his new identity, since there is already a company called Meta in the United States, which would be willing to give him its name in exchange for several million dollars.

Meta PCs vía Twitter

The Meta PC company, dedicated to selling computers, laptops, tablets and software, has operated for more than a year under that name, but just last August they presented the documents to convert 'Meta' into their trademark, reports TMZ.

However, to avoid a lawsuit, the founders of the small technology company, Joe Darger and Zack Shutt , ask for a payment of 20 million dollars to withdraw the registration application and free the name of ' Meta' .

Faced with the possibility of winning a good sum of money, Meta PC has taken the matter with good humor. To take advantage of the momentum that this controversy is giving them, they published a meme on their social networks where Mark Zuckerberg appears presenting a company product, just as he did when announcing his new brand on October 28.

For his part, Schutt posted a joking video on Twitter revealing the name change from Meta PC to Facebook.

Since the authorities have not yet granted the trademark registration to Meta PC , there are still chances that Facebook will get it sooner. However, several specialists speculate that Zuckerberg will most likely agree to make the payment in the next few hours.

One of his arguments for this prediction is that the billionaire has already invested heavily in the creation of Meta and would not risk his grand plan for this 'little' detail. In addition, it is very possible that you prefer to save yourself both the wait for the resolution, as well as the legal wear and tear that it could represent.

On the other hand, the $ 20 million that Meta PC asks for the name registration is actually a trifle, compared to the $ 124 billion that make up the estimated fortune of the creator of Facebook , according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index .