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3 Reasons This Beauty Franchise Is Ready to Surge

Waxing The City has big plans for growth in the months and years to come.

Before the start of the Covid-19 health crisis, beauty franchise Waxing The City was on a roll. Offering body, facial and eyebrow waxing, the Woodbury, Minn.-based company was seeing 20 percent growth year-over-year. Revenue projections for 2020 were expected to set a record.

Waxing The City

Then the pandemic happened and, like most brands in the beauty industry, Waxing The City locations had to close temporarily. But it wouldn't stay that way for long. As soon as locations were able to begin reopening, traffic jumped to a sustainable level despite the restrictions. Now that vaccines are rolling out and restrictions are rolling back, Waxing The City is again growing at a rate the company says it hasn't seen before.

"In the beginning of the reopening period, we were gaining volume from pent-up demand, but also because we did not stop our strategies around growing and refining our "Club Orange' membership program, nor did we stop focusing on new innovative service and product offerings," says Nicholas Herrild, brand president for Waxing The City. Franchising since 2013, Waxing The City has 117 locations around the U.S. with plans for up to 20 more by early next year.

"I have never been as confident in the strength of the brand, the offerings we have for our consumers, and in the engagement we are seeing with our owners, service providers, and clients," Herrild says. Here are three reasons Waxing the City is ready to surge in the weeks and months to come.

1. Improving systems, maximizing the operating model.

As people return to their usual, pre-pandemic routines, Waxing The City says it is ready to capitalize on the uptick in demand. Along with its parent company, Self Esteem Brands, Waxing The City is investing in the development of operational and tech solutions that streamline details such as booking an appointment, checking in and out for your time in the studio, and payments.

"We are working to make sure the business model is ready for the demand," Herrild says. "We have been making our model more simplified by eliminating or automating touchpoints, which make it easier for our regular clients to visit us. These processes have also reduced some of the barriers for new clients to give us a try."

2. Growing customer loyalty.

With more locations, more social content, and more credibility in the market, Waxing The City is getting noticed and customer loyalty is increasing. "We are strategically differentiating from our competition by supplementing and supporting our core waxing service menu with innovative and exciting new advanced services, service enhancements, and products," Herrild says.

For example, if someone visits Waxing The City for an eyebrow wax, they can easily add on supplemental services like a fill, an all-natural lash lift, and a hand/foot mask if they want to pamper themselves. "We have the resources and latitude to stay close to consumer trends and work with our franchisees and service providers to try interesting new things for our clients," Herrild says.

3. Promoting the waxing lifestyle.

It's one thing for a single customer to come in for a wax every once in a blue moon. It's something different when that same customer schedules routine visits and for multiple services. To enable the latter, Waxing The City created its Club Orange membership program. Since studios have begun to reopen, the company says it has seen consistent growth in studio memberships every month, which translates to more value per client, and those clients promoting the brand outside the studio.

"Club Orange members come more often, spend more money per visit, buy more products, and have more services," Herrild explains. Established studios benefit from Club Orange because it encourages repeat business from more valuable clients. It also helps new studios establish and grow their client base.

"New studios can use Club Orange to get a strong start, and ramp to profitability much more quickly than without," Herrild says. "The tools for new studios to build out their client base are more effective than ever."

To learn more about becoming a Waxing The City franchise owner, fill out the form here.

Waxing The City

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