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In The Lobby Dotcoms are waiting just like everybody else.

By Amanda C. Kooser

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There's the tobacco lobby and the environmental lobby. Nowhow about the Internet lobby? The Web world is trying to catch upwith other big-money interests in the political world. Hobnobbingwith politicians and donating to campaigns aren't activitiesgenerally associated with the informal image of Net culture, butbusiness is business and politics is business, too.

TechNet is one of theindustry's most advanced lobbying groups. Members hail fromsuch companies as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Intel and 3Com, andshare the goal of building "bipartisan support for policiesthat strengthen America's leadership of the New Economy."Specifically, TechNet seeks permanent normal trade relations withChina, "sound" business immigration policies andincreased federal investment in research.

The United States InternetCouncil promotes an even more Web-specific agenda. Included intheir statement of principles: "Advanced technologies thatempower people to protect themselves, including encryption, shouldbe available on the marketplace without government controls,restrictions or technical mandates."

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