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How This Couple Became Franchise Owners and Found Happiness

For Paul and Tanice Myers, their HomeVestors franchise enables them to live the lives they've always wanted.

Paul and Tanice Myers

HomeVestors franchise owners Paul and Tanice Myers have been passionate about real estate for nearly two decades. It started back in 2002, two years after they were married, when they purchased their first rental property together. "While our other married friends were out buying cars and boats, we decided to put our money into a rental property," Paul explains.

Not long after they sold that property, the housing market crashed and Paul decided to pursue a real estate broker's license. While working his 9-to-5 job, Paul began purchasing bank-owned houses to renovate and sell on the side. With that side venture's rapid success, the Myers were able to start their own construction contracting company to work on the rehabilitations of these homes. In 2013, Paul left his full-time job to switch his focus to their personal business.

But as the housing market began to stabilize, Paul found it increasingly difficult to locate homes to purchase and rehabilitate because there were too many other investors in the market chasing these same deals. He and Tanice were at a standstill—that is until they discovered HomeVestors.

"I listed a property for another HomeVestors franchise, and the more that I worked with them, the more I was able to see the value," Paul recalls. "HomeVestors advertises directly to sellers who call us motivated to sell. These leads are generally not on other investors' radar. This enables us to buy more houses." So, in 2018, he became a HomeVestors franchisee. "Initially, I joined for the lead opportunities, but HomeVestors offers so much more than that. We were finally able to take our business to the next level with them," he says.

The following year, Tanice left her career as a tech salesperson to join the family's growing real estate business. "With the years of corporate sales training, I felt I could help take our business to the next level with Paul," Tanice says. "Plus, this opportunity was empowering! We could finally take ownership of something that we loved to do."

Finding success and happiness at the same time.

Since leaving their full-time jobs and pursuing this HomeVestors franchise, the Myers have been able to fully dig into all that HomeVestors has to offer. They have attended multiple conventions and forged meaningful investor relationships with other franchise owners. "We have been able to network with other franchise owners and learn from their experience," Tanice says. "Since there's no competition within HomeVestors, people are so willing to help you in your own journey."

Since the HomeVestors business model operates on a holistic, rather than individual, level, Paul and Tanice—as well as other franchise owners in their region—all pool their marketing or ad-spend to further their individual franchises. Each HomeVestors® franchisee gets their pro rata share of the leads based on how many advertising shares they buy each month. Thanks to this unique model, the Myers have been able to expand their Seattle-based operations as well as purchase another franchise in Indiana.

Due to the success that the Myers family has gained with HomeVestors, they have also had the opportunity to take on leadership positions within the franchise. "We are now Washington state's Development Agents for new franchise owners," Tanice says. When new investors join HomeVestors, Paul and Tanice assist in their onboarding experiences locally in the territory. "We want to see Franchisees buying houses and becoming successful, we don't see it as if they are taking away our business," Paul adds.

Throughout their positive experience with HomeVestors, the Myers say that HomeVestors' feedback process is another one of the brand's selling points. "Even when I was working in tech, I have never really seen a company take its field feedback so earnestly," Tanice admits. "They actively listen to their franchisees on what is, or what isn't, working, and they truly go to school on it." HomeVestors also encourages franchise owners to open dialogue with corporate, which allows for a transparent and honest environment for investors to grow their business.

As the Myers family continues their journey with HomeVestors, they consistently reflect on what a life-changing opportunity it has evolved into for them on both the professional and relational level. Working with HomeVestors has enabled them to find success and happiness at the same time.

"We get to go to work with each other every day, and it's been the time of our life," Paul says. "We have so much fun! And we get to focus on our family and our daughter. This job allows for us to spend time with her while setting ourselves up for the future."

To learn more about becoming a HomeVestors® franchise owner, fill out the form here.

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