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4 Strategies for Effectively Managing the Sales Pipeline Once understood and well-managed, proper sales pipeline management can be one of the greatest tools for moving deals forward.

By Thiago Sá Freire

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Any revenue leader will tell you that maintaining a healthy sales pipeline is the key to running a successful revenue organization. However, far too often revenue teams spend valuable time giving demos to unqualified leads, not following up and letting quality deals fall through the cracks. The resulting impact can be devastating to any company.

A sales pipeline is a visualization of where prospects and leads are in the deal cycle. It's made up of all prospecting, sales and marketing efforts. As such, it's the most important resource throughout the sales process for measuring success, contributing to your bottom line, making important business decisions, predicting revenue and catching problems early on in the deal cycle.

There are many scenarios to be mindful of, but rest assured, we have solutions for avoiding these pitfalls.

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