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Investment companies have been popping up all over the Indian landscape in the recent years. Whether it is the growing interest in start-ups or the government’s push for Digital India, investors have been on a funding spree till now, jabbed by their new-found zeal.

But with maturity in the industry, they are walking one step ahead of just putting in money to get involved in the growth graph of a start-up.            

Entrepreneur India spoke to Manmohan Tiwana, Managing Director & CEO, Wodehouse Capital Advisors. He expounded how the financial services advisory firm had built an investment network, profitable for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Diversifying with an Agenda

Tiwana explained their two major lines of businesses. Their Multi Family Office (MFO) platform makes legacy plans for sel...

Just like any other new technology, smart homes are attracting more consumers in urban cities. People have started acknowledging the role of technology in designing energy-efficient homes. Smart home means using technology in a house to facilitate automation.

Companies like Samsung and Amazon have already entered the segment with their devices that work with smartphones to keep your home connected and help you control and monitor it while you are away.

These devices might be a bit of a pocket pinch, but automation can actually make your life easy and save a lot of money.

However, a couple of Indian start-ups are offering devices at budget prices.     

Control, Monitor Home Appliances On the Go

Mumbai-based Picostone has a young team comprising professionals from diverse fields, working on a mi...

As students enter the dreaded Class XII, it is not just the impending boards that scare most of them. It’s the thought of what course they should pursue after this that most students worry about.

From a distant relative suddenly calling up to ask, “What are your plans for the future?” to parents often pressurizing students to pursue engineering or medical studies, students are always confused. And when a student is planning to go abroad for higher studies, the tension is even more.

Entrepreneur India takes a look at the start-ups that students should check out if they are planning to go overseas for education.

Establishing the Right Connect

When planning to go abroad, most students are usually lost. Starting from the right college to apply to the confusion about how to process the application,...


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