5 Unicorn Founders Share Key Learnings From Their Early Mistakes
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5 Unicorn Founders Share Key Learnings From Their Early Mistakes

From making wrong hiring decisions, ignoring product innovation to expanding to other markets too soon, mistakes are inevitable in any startup journey

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Daring CEOs

The Man Running Govt's Own Startup

Deepak Bagla, MD and CEO, Invest India

BizzTM Raises $1.2 Million In Seed Round

The funds will be utilized to expand the brand's presence across 100 new cities in India

CRED To Acquire Happay

The acquisition will potentially value Happay at $180 million

Kidvento App Raises $1 Million In Pre Series A

The funds will be utilized to strengthen content, delivery and to gain momentum

News & Trends

How Will Retail Sales Fare In the Coming Year?

There is an expectation of a surprise in 2022 as the world is taking a divisive turn next year

Hundreds of FedEx Packages Were Found Dumped in a Ravine, Driver Under Investigation

Over 400 packages were found a ravine in Blount County, Alabama.

Labor Board Official Orders Revote on Forming Union for Alabama Amazon Warehouse Workers

The decision was issued Monday by a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) after an agency review found that Amazon improperly pressured warehouse staff to vote against joining a union in early February.

Starting a Business

How to Maximize the Potential of Your Next Great Entrepreneurial Pivot

Founders who have previously failed have a higher chance of success than first-time entrepreneurs, so don't be afraid to go all-in on a new venture.

Want to Build a Great Business? Find the Right People.

Finding good people is hard, but it's the only way to build a company that can succeed in the long term.

How to Lead Calmly and Effectively While Your Business Experiences Growth

The co-founder and CEO of Komodor discusses his company's journey and his advice for entrepreneurs who find themselves in the spotlight overnight.

Is Bank or Investor Funding Right For Your Business?

When starting a business, what type of funding should you pursue?

Growth Strategies

4 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Jumpstart Innovation

Methods for forward-thinking business leaders to advance their industry.

Death By a Million Cuts: The Small Stuff is More Disruptive Than You Think

No one succeeds by sweating the small stuff. How to ruthlessly edit what earns your attention.

I'm An Independent Musician Whose Music Has Appeared In TV, Movies, and Video Games. Here's How I Did It.

It's all about connecting with the right people (and of course, having the music they want).

Uber's Global Head of Grocery on the 'Massive Shift in Consumer Demand' That's Driving Growth

Uber's Raj Beri shares how the app is building on the pandemic-driven success of its grocery delivery business with a bold retail expansion worldwide via mega merchants and 10,000 SMBs.


This Innovative Payment Solution Aims To Seamlessly Integrate Fiat And Cryptocurrency Transactions

ForumPay bridges the gap between fiat and 97 per cent of cryptocurrencies by value

How to use robots to improve the customer experience at online sales events?

Given the high demand for responses from customers at the time of Christmas sales, robots emerge as an efficient alternative to deliver a good shopping experience.

Chilean startup Camel Secure extends its solutions to Latam

The startup began its expansion in Latin America to promote the understanding and prevention of cybersecurity in a region where cyberattacks are on the rise.

Xenobots, 'living robots', are now able to reproduce

This is the first time they have observed kinematic replication in cells and not molecules.

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