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July 2023

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July 2023

Entrepreneur | July 2023
July 2023
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Growing a Business

Jersey Mike's Grew From a Seaside Deli to a Franchise Giant, and Never Lost Its Charm. This Is How, Its Founder Says.

The inside story of how a New Jersey mom and pop shop stayed small, even as it expanded to over 2,500 locations.

Social Media

More People Will See Your Social Media Posts Than You Think

Keep on posting, even when it hurts.

Science & Technology

5 Tech Tools To Make You the Envy of Coworkers and Neighbors

From a self-correcting selfie camera to an cooler that doesn't need ice.

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Growing a Business

3 Lies We Need to Stop Telling Ourselves About Work

I analyzed hundreds of Americans professional stories, over six years. Here's what I learned.

Green Entrepreneur

3 Studies Show What Sustainability Really Does to Your Bottom Line

Don't just ride the wave of business trends. Dig into the data.

Green Entrepreneur

Have You Updated Your Vision Statement With Sustainability Goals? You Should, But Choose Your Words Carefully.

Words can mean different things to different people, in different situations.


Your Brand Definitely Has a Voice. But Is It the One You Want?

"What kind of brand voice conveys such a crazy ambitious mission?" Six founders on figuring out what their brand should sound like.

Thought Leaders

Want to Get the Credit You Deserve for Your Work? Do This, Says Bozoma Saint John — Who Ran Marketing for Netflix, Apple and Uber

You probably can't name many chief marketing officers, even if they worked for high profile companies. Bozoma Saint John says that making herself "well-known" was an intentional strategy, and it's one that you shouldn't be shy to try.

Growing a Business

This $12 Billion Startup Nearly Imploded. When the Founders Revealed Their Wild Plan to Save It, Their Team Was Like, 'Whaaat?'

Brex made a corporate credit card that was a runaway success. But when they started making a bunch of other stuff, things went south. So they came up with an ambitious plan to reverse course.


How to Run a $259 Million Business While Raising Kids: 'You Go Through a Period, Like, 'Is Everything Gonna Be Okay?''

Jen Lemcke is the CEO of WeedMan, and she wants you to take a deep breath and give yourself some grace.


He Got Bored With Retirement. Now He's Selling $18 Million Annually.

Don Lanier was ready for a change, and that pushed him to succeed. Here's how he did it.


He's Opened 15 Ben & Jerry's. But First, He Learned a Hard Lesson: 'I've Never Worked So Hard to Lose $100K In My Life'

Antonio McBroom is a partner in Ben & Jerry's only Black-owned multi-franchise group, but the path to success was plenty twisty.


These Are the Top Franchises in 152 Different Industries

If you're looking to buy a franchise, these are the "best of the best."


Want to Own Many Businesses? These Are the Best 150 Franchises for Multi-Unit Owners.

For franchisees who want to build their own empire, this is the way to go.

Growing a Business

Hawaiian Luaus on a Nut Farm, 'Astounding' Magic Shows, Bible Stories on Stage: America's 15 Favorite Local Entertainment Experiences

Around the country, these local arts and entertainment businesses never fail to inspire and amuse.

Growing a Business

These Are America's Favorite 150 Mom & Pop Shops™, According to Yelp and Entrepreneur

We looked at the data. Here are the small, most beloved shops that locals rave about the most.

Growing a Business

Ecstatic Breathwork, Goat Yoga, and a Founder Known as 'The Machine': America's 15 Favorite Local Fitness Businesses

Across the country, people wanting to move and get in shape are looking for new experiences, and personalized attention.

Growing a Business

Where to Find the 'Nicest' Manicurists, Nipple Tattoos and Fertility Massages: America's 15 Favorite Local Spas and Beauty Businesses

All over the country, these beloved mom and pop businesses have won over customers who need a little TLC.

Growing a Business

A Locksmith Who Shows Up in 15 Minutes, Eco-Friendly Pest Control and Flat-Rate Plumbing Fees: America's 15 Favorite Local Home Service Businesses

When something breaks at home, we just want someone to help us fix it fast, for a fair price. These mom and pop service companies are the first their communities call.

Growing a Business

A 10-Acre Plant Store, 'Once Worn' Wedding Dresses, and a James Baldwin-Inspired Bookstore: America's 15 Most Beloved Mom and Pop Shops

If you're looking to buy local, these independent businesses offer a thoughtful curation of items that makes shopping a true experience.

Growing a Business

Never-Cheesy Wedding DJs, 'Old World' Blacksmithing Classes, and Character Actors for Kids' Parties: 15 of America's Favorite Event Service Companies

These local businesses are getting kudos from customers for offering unique, professional event experiences.

Growing a Business

'Extraordinarily Tasty' Vegan Food and Ice Cream That Leaves You 'Speechless': America's 15 Favorite Local Food Spots

These mom and pop coffee shops and laid-back foodie destinations have customers coming from near and far.

Growing a Business

These 15 Mom and Pop Restaurants Are the 'Hidden Gems' of American Cuisine

From green miso sea bass in an Adobe house built in 1756 to the best pancakes in Arizona, these local restaurants are must-taste stops.

Growing a Business

Cocktails That 'Make You Fall In Love With Stuff You Don't Like': America's 15 Favorite Local Spots to Have a Drink

From a throwback basement bar in Vegas to a craft beer bar making sublime sandwiches into the wee hours, these local, independent nightlife businesses are worth staying out for.

Growing a Business

Yelp's Small Business Expert Says This Is What Makes a Mom & Pop Shop Stand Out

Around the country, Yelp is observing which local, independent businesses rise to the top. The ones that do understand something crucial about where they stand in the business landscape, and how to make the most of it.

Growing a Business

Is Inflation Hurting Your Mom and Pop Shop? Here's What To Do.

For small, local business owners, just as inflation calms in one area of operations, it rears its head somewhere else. Here's how experts say to deal with it.

Growing a Business

Here's What It Takes to Be the Favorite Customer at One of America's Favorite Local Businesses

Lessons from a tugboat captain, a Spanish professor, and a book-loving dog mom.

Growing a Business

7 of America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops TM on The Special Thing They're Known For

There's nothing like knowing you're getting a one-of-a-kind experience.

Growing a Business

3 Heartwarming Tales of Local Businesses Giving to Their Communities, And Getting Much More In Return

From an ice cream shop with a "scoop fund" to a tour guide company that helps fundraise to save local restaurants, these mom and pop businesses owners know serving their communities will serve their businesses in the long run.

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