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This Entrepreneur Shares the Most Important Factor of His Success

It's all about staying healthy -- mentally and physically.

Nina Zipkin

This Founder Has 3 Simple Tips to Achieve Maximum Productivity

The CEO and co-founder of BloomThat says to get comfortable with saying no and protecting your time.

Nina Zipkin

This Founder Ditched His Career at 40 and Turned a Hunch Into Millions

The only way to find out what will happen is to go ahead and try, says the creator of High West Whiskey.

Dan Bova

This Founder Uses Uber As a Productivity Tool

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang says that there is no business that doesn't have it's own challenges and weaknesses to overcome.

Nina Zipkin

What This Founder Learned at a Farmstand Helped Her Bra Startup

Heidi Zak, the founder and CEO of lingerie company ThirdLove, shares lessons learned.

Nina Zipkin

This Founder Shares the One Trait He Looks for in Every Hire

Lead with empathy for others and leave your ego at the door.

Nina Zipkin

What This Founder Does to Stay Completely Focused

When he needs to focus, HomeHero CEO and co-founder Kyle Hill turns to a specific pastime to help get his head back into the game.

Nina Zipkin

Nerdwallet's Founder Shares the Worst Advice He Ever Got

He says it's the one thing that can get in the way of success.

Nina Zipkin

The One Thing This Entrepreneur Does Each Day to Stay Productive

The co-founder of beverage startup Owl's Brew believes every day can lead to a new opportunity if you're open to it.

Nina Zipkin

This Founder Says to Succeed You Need to Question Everything

Zocdoc founder and CEO Oliver Kharraz values learning about perspectives other than his own and questions assumptions you believe to be true.

Nina Zipkin

This CEO's Favorite Productivity Tips Are Surprisingly Simple

All it takes is getting some rest and doing the right thing.

Nina Zipkin