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Amazon CEO of Worldwide Consumer Business Resigns After 23 Years: 'It's Time For Me To Build Again.'

Dave Clark, who has been with the ecommerce giant since 1999, announced he will resign from the company and move on to new beginnings.


Are You a Real CEO? Here's a Self-Assessment Formula

As your company grows, there may be pressure to hire a "real" CEO. What makes a great CEO? And should you give in to the pressure?The self-assessment formula helps answer the question.

Business News

Under Armour CEO Unexpectedly Steps Down, Receives $7.1 Million in Severance

After two years on the job, Patrik Frisk will step down as CEO of Under Armour, effective June 1.

Business News

Look at Yourself as a Business Rather than an Employee

Stop being a staff member and start becoming the CEO of Y-O-U.

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Dabur: Building Bharat First Brands

Dabur's Mohit Malhotra says the company has been ahead of the curve to keep urban as well as rural demand intact

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On a Quick Ride

We are here to take you on a quick ride through the reigning quick commerce channels

Thought Leaders

How to Avoid 'CEO Disease' and Become a More Self-Aware Entrepreneur

Cultivating just a few regular practices can help you to get in touch with your emotions and better understand how others view you.


Covid-19 Shredded the Startup CEO Rulebook — Here's How to Rewrite It

To lead our teams through these challenging times effectively, we need to change our approach.


Avoid This Major Leadership Blunder That Got Steve Jobs Ousted From Apple

Play your cards right if you want to retain control of your company and remain a leader people can respect.

Thought Leaders

3 Publicity Lessons Women Founders Can Learn From Spanx's Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely didn't become one of the most admired CEOs without taking her public image seriously. Blakely credits her publicity-savvy approach to her grass-roots success that launched a billion-dollar exit.


How to Be a Part-Time CEO

Any determined business owner can spend a lot less time worrying about their business with just a little focus in the right direction.

Franchise 500 Annual Ranking

4 Ways Franchise CEOs Keep Their Franchisees Engaged

Instill franchisee pride with these brand-building tips.


How This Leader Is Driving Social Change and the Future of Retail

12 leadership lessons from Foot Locker chairman, president and CEO Richard Johnson.


5 Common Mistakes Leaders Make and How to Fix Them

Your top talent has more opportunities to go elsewhere than ever before -- here's how to stay ahead of the curve.

Growing a Business

Founder Exiting the Business? Here Are 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition.

These five steps will help ensure the change in leadership is as straightforward and easy as possible for everyone on the team.