Marketing - Page: 736

Finding Appropriate Prospect Lists

How to hit a bull's-eye when defining your marketing demographic

Kim T. Gordon

When Selling Gets Personal

Pushing the intangible benefits

Kim T. Gordon

Timing is Everything

...especially when it comes to buying advertising.

Marketing on a Budget Can Reap Rich Rewards

When planning your marketing campaign, you don't have to spend a fortune to see results.

Jane Applegate

Marketing to Niche Business Clients

Find out how to target a specific business client.

Kim T. Gordon

Building a Client Base

Make sure prospects know they can trust your company by describing exactly what they're getting from you.

Kathy J. Kobliski

Become a Marketing Marvel

Boost your business with these marketing how-tos.

Picture-Perfect Press Photos

Be prepared for photo requests by making sure you have press photos on hand.

Joan Stewart

Low-Cost Advertising Basics

Get the most for your advertising dollars using these guidelines.

Is Network Marketing Just a Scam?

There's a huge difference between network marketing and pyramid schemes. Learn the truth here.

New Year's Sales Plan

Resolve to increase your sales this year.

Danielle Kennedy

Branding Your Business

Learn how to make your small business a big name.

Kathy J. Kobliski