How do I get my programmers in India to finish my project?

By Lena West

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My website was supposed to be completed by the end of December and it still isn't complete to launch. I talk with them on a daily basis and it seems they're always having resource problems. I have secured the investment to pay for the website; I am just waiting for them to complete the project then I will pay the remaining balance. This is an awesome project too! What do I do?

I'm sorry to learn of your troubles in getting your website completed. Sometimes when web projects go awry it's because there is no plan to keep them on track.

I would suggest having a straight-forward conversation with the developers, letting them know that you are absolutely unhappy and that you are considering your alternatives. You can express to them that while you really want to finish the project with them, you have a business to run too. Suggest that you work together to develop a project completion plan and set a date that the website will actually get done--and create a penalty for them if they don't complete it in the time specified. Make sure the final payment is in some way linked to your receipt of all their work and the web files they developed for you.

I would also start working on your plan B. What is the worst case scenario? Figure out what that is and then prepare for it. There's nothing worse than being in a bad situation and not having an escape route.

In the future, when using offshore development teams, make sure someone is nearshore to manage the project.

Best of luck!

Lena West is the CEO and Chief Strategist of xynoMedia Technology, a New York-based firm that helps high-growth companies leverage the power of social media, blogs, podcasts and online communities.

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