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Work Hard, Play Hard

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Young entrepreneurs go to extremes to relieve stress.

The notion that exercise is important to relieve stress and boost energy isnothing new. These days, however, young entrepreneurs are just intosports--they're into extreme sports. Why the need for the extreme? Why not atamer diversion, like yoga or golf?

"Yoga is just not profound enough for this generation," observes Dr. Jim Loehr,a renowned sports psychologist and author of Stress for Success (TimesBusiness, $14, 800-726-0600). "It doesn't take them far enough to really createexcitement and thrills."

Loehr identifies four key benefits to extreme sports that many successful youngentrepreneurs are tapping into:

Staying fit--and having fun doing it. "Extreme sports almostalways push you physically," says Loehr, "which gives you a goal: to get morebalance in your life so you can handle the physical demands of your life."

Establishing key relationships. "If you're CEO of your company,you're fairly alone," Loehr says. "You really can't share a lot of personalthings. But when you get out in these extreme sports, you develop friendshipsthat are extremely dynamic and rich."

Recharging your mind. "Extreme sports enable you to switch gears.You don't think about your business for a minute--and that gives you completerecovery," says Loehr.

Building self-confidence. "The world is asking more and more ofus all the time, so you really need to have expanded limits," Loehr advises."You need a tremendous amount of resiliency and stamina. Extreme sports kind ofsuck that into you."

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