Be the CEO Your Company Needs With These 5 Tips

Daniel Marcos has worked with many CEOs around the world and gives us the necessary tips to achieve it.
Be the CEO Your Company Needs With These 5 Tips
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  • The routine frees you.
  • The 25-year framework.
  • Deliberate practice.
  • Days dynamics.
  • Don't have an office in the office.

"The best CEOs have a learner mindset," said Daniel Marcos, CEO and co-founder of the Growth Institute at INCMty 2020 . And this year, in which we began to talk about a pandemic, healthy distance, and confinements, company leaders have had to manage and learn as they go to carry out their projects.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography ( INEGI ) , in Mexico there are 4.1 million small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which generate 72% of formal employment and contribute 52% of the national economic growth. However, 80% fail before the age of five and 90% of them do not reach a decade.

For this reason and in a context like the one we live in today, great CEOs are needed who are leaders and know how to guide their companies in the best possible way. According to Daniel, to become a great business leader you must know and understand how companies grow and what you must do to be able to develop your business.

“I say that there are startups, where you are an entrepreneur, stage two: you are a leader; stage three: you are a leader of leaders, and there we are in a scale up; and stage four where you are already a CEO or an executive president ”, explains Daniel.

  • In the first stage, you design the dream, assemble the equipment, and start selling. You must have command of three mentalities: technical, managerial and entrepreneurial.

  • In the second stage, you are already a leader and you must define the direction. Where is the company going? and then delegate.

  • In stage three, it is the right time to scale companies, you already have a more complex structure than in the first moments. You become a "leader of leaders" and to achieve this you must be a very good communicator, create teams and coach other leaders within the areas of your company.

  • In the fourth stage, you are in charge of being the strategic innovator, and analyzing the changes so that the company constantly improves.

To achieve this, Daniel comments that entrepreneurs must focus on themselves, then on the team and later on the company, "an entrepreneur with financial, health, or home problems is hardly going to build a good team, the best executives of the world want to follow a leader who inspires respect and admiration ”.

Next, I share with you the 5 practical tips to be the CEO that your company needs from Daniel Marcos:

1. The routine frees you

Being routine, sleeping early, getting up before your world, that is, your family, meditating, exercising, having breakfast, writing down the goals for the day, is something that will make you a healthy person.

Image: Isaac Smith via Unsplash

“I get up every day at 5 in the morning, why? If I get up at 7 with the alarm clock running, I yell at my children to take a bath, have breakfast and take them to school, by the time I do that and I get to the office I already arrive tired, angry and obviously that I'm going to pass it on to my team, and it's not good ”.

2. The framework at age 25

The important thing here is to think big and long-term.

"The human being who learns to think long term sets bigger goals and usually takes them with everything, then the best leaders think long term."

3. Deliberate practice

"Any problem or opportunity that I might have, someone already had it, solved it, developed a how-to methodology and wrote a book or a course." So, every time you have a problem, find out who has already done it, read their book or hire them as a coach and practice hard until you are the best ”.

4. Entrepreneur time system

You must have days of preparation, execution and rest. This is a dynamic of days.

“All entrepreneurs must have days to prepare the objectives, execute them and of course rest in order to continue being creative.

5. Don't have an office in the office

Image: Campaign Creators via Unsplash

You must do everything with your work team, that is, do not close yourself in a space, if there is a problem in a specific area meet with the leader of that area to solve it. "I don't have to do anything alone, because everything I do when I'm running I do it with my team."

Daniel Marcos invites us to remember that the first step should always be to put the oxygen mask on yourself, if you don't help yourself first, you won't be able to help others.

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