5 things about finances gay marriages should know

Despite the progress that has been made in Mexico, there are still many pending on the agenda regarding the LGBTQ + community.
5 things about finances gay marriages should know
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The LGBT + community has fought for decades against inequality, discriminatory practices, intolerance and attacks against them, in addition to the recognition of their rights. Despite the progress that has been made in Mexico, there are still many pending on the agenda.

In our country, equal marriage has only been approved - that which legally recognizes marriage formed by spouses of the same biological sex - in 19 out of 32 states. The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) considers equal marriage as a right that must be recognized throughout Mexico; however, the local congresses of some states have refused to approve it.

According to the financial coach Coru , equal marriage guarantees rights so that spouses of people of the same sex can enjoy economic benefits, mortgage loans, widow's pension or medical services, direct hereditary rights or security over family assets.

In this sense, according to Coru , these are five things about finances that equal marriages need to know:

Social Security . In 2018 the Senate of the Republic unanimously approved an opinion that ensures the right to social security, services and benefits to spouses and common-law partners of the same sex. With this approval, the denial of services such as medical care, childcare or access to widow's orphan's pensions for children of an equal marriage is prevented. The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) provide these services.

Infonavit . In June 2019, the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (INFONAVIT) invited members of equal marriages to apply for marital loans to acquire, build or repair a home or pay a mortgage. The institute reported that there are no impediments for these couples to apply for their credit.

The requirements are the same for everyone: the spouses must be legally married and have their respective marriage certificate, both must go to the Infonavit facilities to formalize the loan application, they must be actively working, among others.

Image: Maico Pereira via Unsplash.

Fonacot . In the same sense, you can request a joint loan at the Institute of the National Fund for the Consumption of Workers (Fonacot). Among the requirements to apply for this loan is that the workers have to work in a company affiliated with the fund, have at least one year of seniority and be hired indefinitely. The spouses must prove the degree of kinship by presenting the marriage or birth certificate.

LGBT + business credits . The Mexican Federation of LGBT + Entrepreneurs (FMELGBT) has a program to increase the inclusion of entrepreneurs and companies in the community of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual, transgender, transvestite and intersex people. Through "Diverse Financing" it is sought that these businesses generate social impact on the LGBT + population.

No one can deny a financial service . Discrimination based on sex, orientation and sexual identity is prohibited. Neither the authorities nor individuals can diminish or restrict a person's rights for these reasons. Institutions such as HSBC, BBVA, Santander México, American Express, Seguros AXA, Metlife, among many others, are part of Pride Connection México, a network of companies that seeks to promote inclusive work spaces for sexual diversity and generate ties to attract LGBT + talent to the different organizations that compose it.

There are still many challenges ahead and rights to conquer for the LGBT + community in Mexico; However, equal marriage is a great step that grants rights and benefits to the couple and the family that are not recognized in other types of legal relationships. For this reason, its approval in other states is essential.

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